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Trade Shows & Conferences

From badge printers at registration, to laptops and plasma screens for stands, we can help you make your conference experience stand out. 

Conferences & Exhibitions 

With over 20 years experience of supplying to exhibitions and trade shows all over Ireland, we can meet any need proposed by our client PCO or Event Planner. From simple requests such as a laptop & printer to full badge printing facilities via bar code readers for 10,000 attendees, we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.  

We have experience and connections with all major venues throughout Ireland, so please contact us for advice or specifications at the planning stage. We are happy to help regardless if you are using our services or not. 

Specialist Event Equipment 

Badge Printers 

Print badges at speed and in full colour. These Epson C3500 printers can print from roll or specialist badge paper and print labels at up to 103mm/sec.

Non-tear specialist badge paper

No more plastic pouches, we have designed and produced, non-tear custom made badge paper. Colour badges look great and last for the entire event.

Bar Code readers

These match box size bar code readers allow exhibitors to capture visitor data quickly and easily for effective sales lead follow up.